"You shall go to the ball!" said our R J Bartram & Son funeral home

the team made a school leaver's dream come true

Prom season is in full swing, and we know that if you look the part you've got to feel the part too.

After all, Cinderella didn't show up to Prince Charming's ball in her pumpkin did she?

Our R J Bartram & Son funeral home in Wymondham turned one lucky school leaver's reality into a fairy-tale, by chauffeuring her to her school prom in one of their stunning limousines.

The team decided to run a competition at their local academy, so that all students had the chance to arrive at their prom in style.

All they had to do was convince the team in no more than 30 words, on why they deserved to win.

It was a tough choice but they decided on Chloe as their winner who wrote:

"My mother she drives an old banger, 
My father is up in the stars, 
My dream is to drive in a limo to prom, 
Dressed in diamonds and pearls".

Chloe's pictured in her dress beside the limo and looks absolutely beautiful.

Congratulations on your win Chloe, we hope you had a wonderful and memorable prom!

Chloe's limo

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