Winter aid donations for refugees

our Carlisle Spencer Street colleagues collected goods

The current issues in Syria, Libya and Jordan don’t even bear thinking about, and being thousands of miles away it’s easy for us to feel helpless and out of reach from those refugees whose lives have been turned upside down.

There’s new mother’s with small babies, and young innocent children, struggling through each day and living with constant misery.

It might seem impossible to help, but when there’s a will there’s a way.

With the colder months soon setting in, Janice from our Carlisle Spencer Street funeral home and her friend Laura, decided to start collecting items for a Winter Aid appeal to pull together some desperately needed donations.

After receiving lots of kind-hearted donations from colleagues and the community, they’ve altogether managed to collect 100 boxes filled with nappies, winter warmers, and other essential goods – as well as £1, 034 towards transportation costs.

Not only this, but the Janice and Laura dream team also did a 250 mile round journey to get the goods to where they needed to be, before they’ll be shipped off.

This is a brilliant community effort that was steered by one of our fantastic colleagues and her friend.

We’re certain what you’ve done will make an incredible difference to so many lives and we’re so proud of your determination and compassion.

The team with their donations

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