Waterloo Bowls - Day 4

highlights and scores from the day

Today was the first televised day of the tournament, and the final 16 were ready to shine on-screen.

Being live on ITV4, and it being the bowlers' last chance to make it through to the finals, the pressure was intense.

But there was only room for 8, and it was the below players that won the opportunity:

Graeme Wilson 21.18 Stuart Mort, Terry Glover 21.20 Simon Coupe, Tommy Johnstone 17.21 Tim Houghton, James Grimston 21.16 Jamie Bramley, David Baskeville 19.21 Steve Ellis, Mark Hughes 11.21 John Bailey, Glen McGafferty 10.21  Glynn Cookson, Lee Heaton 19.21 Callum Wraight.

Callum Wraight

Jamie Grimston

Tim Houghton

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