Volunteering to help sort aid for those in need

A worthwhile way to spend a day

Rachel Holland from our Northwich funeral home has been giving her time in support of Care UK Charity, sorting through donations for worthwhile causes at their local depot.

The charity distributes aid to countries all around the world such as Syria and Greece, as well as helping charities and families locally.

Co-op has donated the use of an old food store to the charity free of charge for the next three years to use as a base for collecting and sorting the many kind donations they receive.

On her time volunteering at the depot Rachel said "It was fantastic for me to be able to help out sorting through clothes and placing them into the correct boxes so that they can be distributed to the correct people.

"It was amazing to see all the hard work that the charity has put in and to help be a part of that. It was fantastic to know that the co-op had a massive part to play in helping them have a massive base to store all their items! I am hoping to return and help out frequently."

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