Today is the day our new Co-op Membership is re-invented

it's a day in Co-op history

Membership re-inventedWow! What a great day this is.

After 18 months of hard work, this is the moment when we launch our new Co-op Membership.

We’re back to being Co-op and we can be proud of what that means. Great products and services from a business that’s owned by our Members, that gives back to them and the places that they live.

The "5% for you" and the "1% for your communities" is going to be a game changer.

By choosing Co-op you do good for you and good for the people you care about. Why wouldn’t you want choose Co-op from today?

We’ve re-invented our Membership and we’re taking it back to the hearts of the British public.

Today we’ve begun a new chapter in Co-op history.

For information about our new Co-op Membership, or to become a Member, visit our website at

For further information contact

Emily Penkett

PR Manager

Lauren Pogson

Senior PR Manager

Catherine Turner

Head of PR