Tidying the grave of a client's late husband in support of our Charity Partnership

our Ulverston colleagues were a huge help

With our new Charity Partnership well underway - tackling loneliness with the British Red Cross - colleagues are really starting to embrace the real meaning behind it.

Many are fundraising, while others are tackling the loneliness issue head-on, by taking part in specific acts of kindness to help those who are lonely and are struggling because of it.

One of these extraordinary acts of kindness has come from our colleagues at Ulverston...

Last year, a lady visited them to arrange the funeral of her husband, and shortly after his headstone was put up, they became aware that there was nobody to keep the grave looking neat and tidy as the lady was elderly and had no family. Even the simple day-to-day tasks were impossible and they learnt that her neighbours were a continuous support in getting her through the day.

Mandi and Louise from our Ulverston funeral home immediately offered their help, as they knew something had to be done. 

Armed with their gardening gloves and tools, the duo collected the client from her home and took her to the graveyard  to 'supervise' them, before getting to work to make the grave look suitably beautiful - much to the lady's delight!

Mandi and Louise have since committed to a re-visit to cut the grass and keep the area maintained. The client is really looking forward to her next trip - it seems as though she's not just found some helpers, but some friends.

This is an exceptional instance of compassion and a shining example of tackling loneliness.

Louise from Ulverston


Mandi from Ulverston

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