The Wrose Sheep Trail

2 local schools are involved in the Christmas activity

We all know that “a dog is for life, not just for Christmas” – but what about sheep? (!)

We can answer that, as we know about a whole trails worth of sheep who are making an appearance just for Christmas!

Danielle Poole from our 5 Lane Ends funeral home in Bradford recently got in touch to tell us about a very different Christmas activity that her funeral home and other businesses in her community are getting involved in.

Her local Vicar wrote to her and the team with an idea that he had…

His idea was to create a ‘Sheep Trail’ in the area, to enable families who are shopping to engage their children in an interesting activity, and remind them a little about the real meaning of Christmas.

So two local schools have been given a lovely little sheep teddy, along with the enchanting story that their new addition has been left feeling lonely as all his sheep friends have gone looking for baby Jesus – and their help is needed!

But do not fear… they’re taking shelter in the local businesses. Each business has given their sheep a name and have created a cozy little home for it to live in.

The children have the whole of December to fill in their activity sheets, with details of where they’ve found the herd of sheep and what each of their names are.

Once the sheets are handed in before they break up for Christmas, one lucky child from each school will win their school’s sheep to keep as a forever pet.

Here’s our 5 Lane End’s sheep that they’ve named ‘Daisy Coop’.

With 800 children anticipated to take part, we think this is a great initiative to help communities to come together, and keep the magic of Christmas alive!

Daisy Coop

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