The love between dogs and their owners

A love that goes beyond the grave.

When David Holder from our Relphs funeral home in Bolton recently went to bring a family's loved one into our care, he found them in distress. Molly, their loved one's dog, simply would not leave her late owner's side. 

The family had no idea what to do or where the dog could go, as they were unable to take her in themselves.

Luckily, as a big kindhearted dog lover, David offered to take Molly home to live with him and his family as a pet. They were extremely happy and grateful to know the beloved pet was going to a good home. 

Molly the dog has now settled in well into her new home and they already couldn't imagine being without her.

David also surprised the family by bringing the Molly along to the funeral. They were so grateful for this gesture, as it gave all the grandchildren the chance to say goodbye to her too.

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