The launch of the Simple Funeral Plan

our newest plan at just £2,945

Arranging a funeral isn't easy for anyone and often things are made even harder for families because of the cost.

We're passionate about doing all we can to tackle the rising cost of funerals, and with this in mind are pleased to be able to share some great news...

Today we've launched our brand new Simple Funeral Plan - which is the lowest priced national Funeral Plan in the UK at just £2,995 (or £2,945 if purchased online)!

Our new plan means that those who want to plan ahead by arranging and paying for a funeral in advance, can do so at a lower cost.

It's a simpler funeral, with the same guarantee of our exceptional levels of care.

Not only that, but we've also launched today brand new payment options, giving those who want to the chance to pay for their plan over 6 months to 25 years (restrictions apply).

The measures we've announced today are significant steps to make funerals more affordable and of course, we won't be stopping there.

Take a look at more information about our Simple Funeral Plan.

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PR Manager

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