The biggest thank you of all for Alex Dunlop

by being invited to a client's baby's christening

It takes a certain type of person to do what we do.

We only get one opportunity to make it right, and we play the role of many – a professional, planner, councilor, comforter, tea-maker and friend, amongst many more.

When we look after families in our care, we open our arms out wide and the friendships that we build last much longer than just at their time of need.

This shone through recently when we received news about Alex Dunlop from our Ayr funeral home in Scotland, being invited along to the christening of a client’s baby.

Earlier this year, Alex had the job of arranging a gentleman’s funeral. He had sadly passed away at the age of just 31 and his partner was heavily pregnant which made the situation especially more difficult.

He made sure the day itself was perfect with stunning unique tributes and a cortege route to celebrate his life. The family were completely overwhelmed with how brilliant he’d been and couldn’t thank him enough.

As the days passed by after the funeral, Alex couldn’t stop worrying and wondering about the family and decided to get in touch with the young man’s Mum and pregnant partner, to see how they were coping.

He heard the news that a baby boy had been born, and they were absolutely thrilled with their beautiful new blessing.

They must’ve also been over the moon with Alex’s care and attention, as a few weeks later the family visited him with an envelope, and inside was an invitation to their baby’s christening.

He was stunned that after all they had been through, they had thought to ask him to come along and celebrate this special occasion with them.

Unfortunately he was going on holiday at the same time as the christening, but this is clearly a lasting friendship between Alex and the family – who we somehow don’t think will be forgetting his excellent care and love in a hurry.

Click here to take a look at the Making a Difference film, which was filmed last year, of another family that Alex looked after and made a huge impression on.

Well done Alex, we’re so lucky to have you – as are the families in your care.

Alex Dunlop

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