The Alzheimer's Memory Walk

Efford Masons took part and raised over £100

Alzheimer’s disease is arguably one of the toughest conditions to deal with, or watch somebody go through.

There’s no cure, just behaviour improving drugs. Meaning the same shattering symptoms and frustrations exist. Memory loss, confusion, and aggressive behaviour to name just a few.

The person you know and love becomes unrecognisable, and often vice versa.

Our team at Efford Masons in Plymouth have all known somebody affected by the disease and have witnessed the devastations.

When they heard about a local walk taking place to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society, they jumped at the chance to get involved – any cash raised to help towards a better life for sufferers was a big thumbs up from them!

Clothed in their “I’m walking for a world without dementia” tees, off they went as a team on their 7.5km walk.

They were surrounded by anybody and everybody; from the young, to the elderly, to those with disabilities, and even a dog squad - seizing the opportunity to go on an extra-long walk!

There was even dementia suffers themselves taking part, as Kat Miller from Efford Masons explained:

“It was quite emotional reading some of the tags that people were wearing for who, and why they were walking the memory walk.

One that stands out for me is two young ladies with an elderly gentleman in the middle.

His tag read “I’m running for me” while both the young ladies’ tags read “We are running for” with arrows pointing to him.”

Overall the team managed to raise over £100 for the charity, to add to the grand total raised from the walk.

What an amazing cause – this positive news story really makes us proud.

To find out more about Alzheimer’s visit:

The team on their walk

The team

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