Tackling issues with the homeless

Our St. Marys funeral home support local homeless charity

Homelessness is becoming more of an issue each and every day across the UK, and those affected by homelessness very much rely on support from the local community for donations of food and clothing.

Colleagues from our Southampton St. Marys funeral home know this only too well, and recently linked up with local charity ‘Help the Homeless’ to offer their assistance.

As part of the charity, a generous local couple organise regular evening meets, giving up all of their spare time to provide hot meals, drinks, other essential supplies and advice to the homeless.

As well as donating their old office printer to the charity to enable them to create new flyers and hand-outs for members of the public, our colleagues from Southampton St. Marys also decided to go along to one of the evening meets (pictured) to help with the night’s activities.

Funeral Arranger Jemma Lane spoke of her time spent with the homeless that evening: “There must have been over 30 homeless people who were so grateful for the work the charity do.

“I spent time talking to them, and some of their stories started with the loss of a loved one which then resulted in them finding themselves on the street. They appreciated having people to talk to who were listening to them, and it was very humbling to be able to help.”

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