Supporting the local homeless community

our Tilehurst funeral home took part in a homeless event

Last year, our colleagues and members voted for 'Tackling Loneliness' as the most important issue that the Co-op should recognise, raise awareness of and address.

Although we're working alongside the British Red Cross to combat the issue - there's often things going on more locally to us, that we might not even consider as a 'lonely' issue.

Homelessness is one of these things.

Loneliness comes in many shapes and forms, and our Tilehurst funeral home in Reading recognised that the homeless community in their area needed their help.

Along with Grace from 'The Way' ministry and volunteer service, they arranged a support day for those locally who needed it.

There was a big BBQ of hot food, free clothes, toiletries, gifts, money for food items and just as importantly - friendly faces and support, to help them feel some belonging.

It was a brilliant day and Elizabeth Woodray from Tilehurst humbly spoke about her experience: "We really are lucky and it's such a fantastic thing that Grace and the volunteers do. We had everything that we needed for a fantastic day just to be able to help and make us realise how lucky we are".

The Way ministry offer fortnightly services to help the homeless, and we hope to hear more good news stories about tackling the issue of loneliness in unexpected forms.

Good work Elizabeth!

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