Ross Kerr from Marsh Lane donates a new sound system to local cemetery

the cemetery manager was delighted

As you might expect, we have very special and genuine relationships with the local professionals in our communities.

We always treat the people we work with like members of our own team - making sure they have the support and time from us that they need.

With this being said, we were so pleased to hear last week about Ross Kerr (pictured left) from our Marsh Lane funeral home in Leeds.

His local Roman Catholic cemetery had a sound system that they used when carrying out services, which was on its last legs and wasn't doing so great.

Ross knew that a new system would be really beneficial and wanted to give them the helping hand they needed - so off he went to find a top of the range CD, Bluetooth and USB media sound system to donate.

Manager of the cemetery, Andy Storr (pictured right) was absolutely over the moon and everybody at the cemetery were so grateful.

The donation will be a great benefit during services and to the families that use it.

Well done Ross, this is what #beingcoop is all about.

Ross Kerr

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