Playing with fire in the name of charity

Adele Smith raised £350 doing a charity fire walk

We've always been taught not to play with fire (and we certainly wouldn’t recommend it!) – however this rule was defiantly broken at the weekend by a colleague from our Angel Square Support Centre in Manchester.

Of course it was all in the name of charity, so the lovely Adele can be forgiven!

We were eager to hear all about it, and have spoken to a very sore footed Adele Smith this morning…

“I've always wanted to do a fire walk and when I heard from the organisers that the charity I'd be walking for was Cancer Support Yorkshire, it seemed fated. 

My close friends have a little boy who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer recently and they've been to hell and back fighting for his life. I was glad to be able to do something to support a cause that touches so many, and has touched people I care about.

It was a good night for the walk - a little bit wild, which felt right. I felt a mild tinge of apprehension beforehand so headed into the venue's bar, although alcohol was prohibited. Not sure if that was a precaution against stumbling or spontaneous combustion. 

Half an hour later I was in a training room with about thirty other people who were equally as nervous. We were entertained and inspired by UK Fire Walking Guinness World Record Holder, Scott Bell. 

I found it difficult to concentrate as I kept thinking about the fire. And tripping up...

We then went outside to the accompaniment of The Prodigy’s “Firestarter” and queued up to step out onto 600 degree embers.

When it was my turn, I can't pretend I wasn't scared. But I stepped out and walked. And then it was over. I didn't feel the heat as I walked, I just felt exhilarated that I'd done it. The burn kicked in several hours later!”

Adele’s bravery managed to raise an incredible £350 – a huge well done.

Adele completing her fire walk


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