Our Glasgow Phoenix Choir shine once again!

they've received some wonderful feedback

Last Friday, our spectacular Glasgow Phoenix Choir took to the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow to perform in their sell-out concert.

As always the concert was absolutely breathtaking, confirming exactly why we've been their proud sponsor for so many years.

And it isn't just us being biased...since the concert we've received some really positive feedback from a local minister who took along 40 local people, including 4 international students who wanted to share their experience with us.

The students sent us the following email praising the concert:

"I am thankful to you for providing the opportunity to attend such a marvelous event yesterday at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. I on behalf of my friends; Rajesh (India), Seif (Jordan) and a common friend from Mauritius, would like to thank you as this was such an event which we haven't attended before in our lives.

The Royal Regiment of Scotland was wonderful along with the solo violin performance by Jane Mackenzie, such a remarkable experience. The other performances were also outclass. 

This type of event will provide us with a chance to see and observe true Scottish music/culture and take these memories to our native countries as souvenirs."

We're sure the choir will please spectators just as much at their next concert at the Cove Burgh Hall next Sunday (8th May).

For more information and tickets visit their website at:www.phoenixchoir.org/concert/cove-burgh-hall-8th-may-2016.

Glasgow Phoenix Choir concert

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