Our Birtley funeral home help a client tackle loneliness

the team are a great support to him

When somebody's lost the person they love the most, it can be a lonely time and sometimes it's the small things that you make you feel close to them. 

A song...a smell...a memory.

5 years ago the team at our Birtley funeral home in County Durham arranged the funeral for a gentleman's wife, and ever since he lost her he's wanted to honour and remember her in his own kind of way.

Every anniversary, birthday and Christmas, Mr Greenwell calls into the funeral home to sit for a while where she rested, and where he feels close to her. Each time he visits, he brings a bouquet of flowers as a present for her (pictured).

The team at Birtley love him calling by - they welcome him with open arms and do everything they can to make his visit pleasant.

They place his flowers into a nice vase in the room with him, and make sure he gets lots of comforting brews, biscuits and conversation when he's finished spending time remembering his beloved wife.

This is such a lovely thing to do to help a client in need of some love and comfort - well done ladies.

Mr Greenwell

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