Our 1 Angel Square North York Moors Walk

the team walked for 42 miles and for 22.5 hours!

Last week we brought you news of our 13 very brave, very ambitious colleagues who embarked on a 42 mile, 22.5 hour, trek across the North York Moors, along with their mini-bus driver who was there to support along the route.

We’re pleased to say they’re all back in one piece (just!), and their Just Giving fundraising account is £4,531 better off thanks to kind donations.

They came back to our 1 Angel Square Support Centre with all sorts of tales to tell from their adventure – it seemed a shame to keep them to ourselves - so here some of the team are, to tell us about one of the hardest challenges they’ve ever done…

Q. What were your highlights of the walk?

Wayne For me the highlight was being able to complete it whilst being in so much pain (not just me but everyone). Also the togetherness of the group who kept supporting each other and constantly giving much needed support when we all had our dip.

Pete 1) The finish 2) The clear and wonderfully starry night – magical.

Dave I The camaraderie of everyone involved to keep each other going, the sight of Jim’s minibus at each checkpoint which lifted everyone’s spirits – though then realising it was “just another mile to go…!” DJ Wayne keeping us going in the dead of night with his eclectic mix of music, and Vinny’s constant supply of food and snacks.

Vinny The highlight for me was the excessive cursing of the rear-guard for the last few miles, particularly whenever another of the ravines appeared before us. Also, sausage butties (donated by Sodexho canteen and heroically prepared by Jim) after 33 miles never tasted so good.

Dave M My walk was the walk of life, long, hard but rewarding. The reward came from all those involved. Wayne for his good humour and good music, Paula for her lack of good music but good company and support to all, Colin for his route master skills, Peter for his trail blazing skills and acid wit, David I. for his reliability to assist and support those less able, Vinny for his support to the old and lame and his ability to organise and pull the event off despite the odds, Karl who, despite moaning more than me, put a lot of that hot air into completing the last 5 miles. Jimbo was the star though - driver, chef, coach, supporter, great guy. 

Q. What did you find most challenging about your walk?

Karl Every single mile.

Pete 1) Resisting having a pint beforehand 2) Actually getting moving again at the check point 3, halfway point.

Dave I Just keeping going when your whole body was aching and your sleep deprived from being awake for over 40 hours.

Vinny My biggest memory is how endless the moors seemed in the second half of the walk. Everything was further than it looked, and you had never walked as far as you thought you had.

Phil The biggest memory for me was when we walked over the top of the moor in the middle of the night, and it appeared to go on forever as the wind chilled us. Truly horrible. That and realising soon after the start that rather than being a flat hill walk, it was an endless series of hills!

Wayne Personally for me it was the ravines. They were probably between 200 – 300 metres down one side and then the same up the other side both at night and during the day -they were quite daunting. The biggest challenge was the distance. 42 miles is a long way when you’re talking about it, but believe me once you’re walking it’s a lot longer.

Q. How did you feel before, during and after?

Karl Anticipation, gruelling, overwhelmed with what we had achieved BUT DON’T MENTION the word ‘Ravine’ or ‘How far?’!!!

Pete Before – fantastic. During – increasingly tired. After – delirious.

Dave I Before – I wanted to get going but was nervous for my feet! During – extreme tiredness, especially at the realisation that we had been walking 12 hours, yet still had nearly 20 miles to walk – we needed grit and determination to keep going. After – euphoria and a real sense of achievement at finishing, followed by my body wanting to shut down!

Wayne Before I was full of enthusiasm to get started and after the first 5 miles I was thinking that this is going to be a breeze. I was wrong! During – the volume of what we had to do hit me and that was a shock, especially at having blistered feet at 24 miles knowing there was another 18 to go. After was sheer elation combined with relief and extreme tiredness, but a satisfying sense of happiness knowing that we had all finished it.

Other memorable moments that the team commented on!

You could see The Plough and Orion as it was a clear night!

Paul Taylor’s encounter with a cow blocking our route. He literally walked into it, very funny!

Vinny and Dave S being attacked by an owl also raised a few cheers.

The site of the sole of Lee’s boot on the van floor rather than being attached to his boot!

Dave I and Wayne stating at the top of the last ravine that they were off, before Dave M and Karl arrived as they would go mental when they saw it!

Wayne, Paula, Dave I and Karl all singing Meat Loaf songs at 3am in the middle of the moors was surreal, but kept everyone’s spirits up when we needed it.

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