#NYPositiveSteer how did we do?

Did we stick to our New Year's resolutions?​

At the start of 2017 our Funeralcare colleagues came into work talking all things New Year's resolutions.

But these were resolutions with a difference, and were all about 'Being Co-op' in everyday life, and personally benefitting others.

The more we heard, the more we wanted to share - which inspired our #NYPositiveSteer campaign.

Throughout January, different Funeralcare colleagues told us about what 'Being Co-op' meant to them and what their resolutions were to bring it to life, which we then shared on Twitter.

We kick started the campaign with our Marketing Co-ordinator Kate Bullock, who told us "I'd like to visit some residential homes as I know what impact visits have on the elderly, from personal family friends. Even if it's just a quick chat over a cup of tea and biscuits, I feel like I can have a positive impact."

We had a whole group of colleagues sharing their goals with us and we've been catching up with them to find out how it's gone. Have they kept to their resolutions? Or will they be carrying them forward to next year?​

Follow our updates on Twitter between now and New Year's eve to find out what they've been up to.

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