#NYPositiveSteer campaign

our New Year's Resolutions brought to life

Our Funeralcare colleagues came into work in 2017 with a spring in their step and a re-fueled fire in their hearts – talking about making a difference in 2017.

Some people spoke of the personal goals they want to accomplish, while an astonishing number of people have a goal that others will benefit from.

The more we heard, the more we wanted to share – which inspired our January #NYPositiveSteer campaign.

Throughour January on Twitter, we
visited a different Funeralcare colleague to get a flavour of what it personally means to them to ‘Be Co-op’ in their everyday life.

We kick started the campaign with our Marketing Co-ordinator Kate Bullock, who told us:

“I’d like to visit some residential homes as I know what impact visits have on the elderly, from personal family friends.

Even if it’s just a quick chat over a cup of tea and biscuits, I feel like I can have a positive impact.”
We had a whole group of colleagues sharing their goals with us (see below) and to top it off Richard Lancster, Funeralcare Managing Director, got involved in a series of short videos (also featured below).

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