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We talk to Abigail about her first year in Funeralcare

Funeral arranger, Abigail Clarkson, has just come to the end of her first year in the funeral industry. We spoke to her about how she got started and find out how she's getting on.

What made you choose the funeral industry?

I chose the funeral industry because of my experience working in a Nursing Home where there were a lot of residents on end-of-life care. During this difficult time, I would help and support both the resident and their families. I wanted to offer my support further and help during the next stages, which is arranging the funeral for their loved ones.

How do you feel about your role?

I am a naturally caring person and want to help families during a difficult and upsetting time. To many of our families, organising a funeral is a very unfamiliar process. I like to think with my knowledge, support and guidance I help families feel a little more at ease and have trust in us to look after their loved ones.

During each arrangement, I try to gather as much information about their loved one as possible. I do this because I want to make sure every funeral is unique and suggest things that I feel would be a fitting tribute. I've been able to create bespoke designs for an order of service, bespoke funeral flowers, and even suggested bringing a family pet along because I know those little touches would mean a lot to their loved ones.

Have you gotten involved in the community?

We try and get involved with our community on a regular basis. Our community work involves holding 'ask us anything' sessions which allows people to come along and ask any unanswered questions or gather general information regarding the industry. I also hold a Bereavement group here at Holcombe Brook, the purpose of this group is to allow people talk about their loss, make new friends and help support each other. We also volunteer with litter picking and helping clean up local forests.

What's your most memorable funeral?

My most memorable funeral would be for a gentleman who's passion in life was golf. After speaking with his family, I suggested having the Funeral Director lead the procession with his golf club and he also rested in the funeral home with his best golf attire.

It's lovely to make each funeral unique and a fitting tribute.

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