Meet the team at Ellesmere Port Funeralcare

Teresa and Gail talk to us about their experiences

Gail and Teresa are funeral arrangers at our new home in Ellesmere Port. Whereas Gail is new to the profession, Teresa has over 10 years’ experience of working in the funeral industry.

Since opening in August last year they’ve been getting involved with their 3 local causes and Gail is now an expert hamper maker as she’s done so many for worthwhile charity causes.

Teresa says “Me and Gail make a very good team. We have the same values and ethics that put our clients first and foremost.” They spoke to us about what being in the funeral profession means to them.

How did you get into the funeral industry?

Gail says, “This one is easy for me. Two years ago my mum passed away and the help and support we received from the funeral arrangers at the Hoole branch stayed with me. I had been in retail since leaving school, then more recently, I worked for two years supplying disability equipment based in the independent living centre in Ellesmere Port, so this was a natural progression for me.”
Teresa says, “I’ve worked in the funeral profession for over 10 years, and after having a few years away to spend time with my young family, I came to the Co-op. I have enjoyed being able to get involved with several community projects and most certainly will be getting more involved as time goes by.”

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to do the same?

Gail says, “I think you definitely need to be a caring, understanding person in order to do this job. Also I feel you need to be strong to deal with being able to work with the deceased. It was not a role I took on without giving it a lot of thought and I know I will have to challenge myself from time to time. However, it is a very rewarding career to be able to help in times of need whether it’s arranging funerals or helping out our charities.”

What has been your most memorable funeral?

Gail says, “To be fair each funeral has had a lasting memory for different reasons. I do feel an emotional bond with our clients and families, it is also a pleasure to learn how our deceased have lived their lives through stories from family members.”

Community is an important part of what we do at Funeralcare, and Teresa and Gail embody this wonderfully. Despite only being open for less than a year they have been active in the community and welcome anybody to pop in for a chat and a cup of tea.

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