Knitting takes the Doncaster community by storm

they've been knitting twiddle muffs, blankets and clothes

Do you remember our story a few months ago, where our Tonbridge colleagues helped local dementia patients with an animal assisted therapy session?

Well, our Doncaster team have followed suit by getting knitters on board to make beautiful twiddle muffs for their local dementia support group.

Twiddle muffs are knitted woolen muffs which have ribbons, buttons, beads, rings and other textured fabrics attached, that patients can twiddle in their hands. Often sufferers of dementia have restless hands and these are a great way to keep them occupied.

Throughout the year, the Doncaster team appeal for wool, needles and other knitting tools, and donate it to a couple of local ladies who knit for them, as well as local ‘knit and natter’ groups.

Their amazing idea becomes a self-fulfilling, virtuous circle…

They appeal for goods, which the community donate, which then gets passed onto local knitters, who then produce fabulous creations for those who need them.

And it’s not just dementia patients who benefit from their generous craftsmanship. Other charities get a piece of the pie too with blankets, baby clothes and much more.

Bridgette Perks from the funeral home told us: “The initiative involves people coming into the funeral home, enabling us to build relationships over something 'happy' (we try to be there for the nice things too).

We constantly come into contact with clients and relatives who are struggling with dementia, and work closely with local dementia support groups. These are such a simple idea, but the benefits are well documented.

It is a fantastic community initiative which we are proud to facilitate.”

Well done to Bridgette and the rest of her knitting buddies, we think they’re wonderful.

Twiddle muffs

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