Joanne's Wobbleberries Challenge

she's raising money by doing her own pony challenge

We don't like to brag, but we KNOW we have the most amazing people working for us.

The challenges they embrace both in their professional and personal life, never seizes to amaze us.

We recently heard from Joanne Weatherall, Funeral Arranger from our Cudworth funeral home in South Yorkshire, about a mission she's undertook to make a positive difference to her health and self discipline, and a fantastic cause.

Read her story below...

"I am 51 years old and always loved horses. I had a pony when I was younger and rode his legs off most weekends.

My story started around 6 months ago when I saw the “Wobbleberries Challenge” advertised on Facebook.

Four ladies of a mature age were looking for ‘wobbly’ riders to take part in challenging themselves to compete in a competition including a Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country, all done in one day with 80cm fences.

The criteria was that you had to be a wobbly rider (nervous and unconfident), perhaps a bit over weight and of a certain age. So in a moment of madness I signed up!

The Wobbleberries Challenge is to raise money for the “Willberry Wonder Pony Charity” which was set up by Event Rider Hannah Francis, whilst battling cancer. She sadly passed away on 1st August this year.

Her charity raises money into cancer research and grants equine wishes for sick children.

The founder members were so inspired by Hannah that they wanted to set themselves a personal goal and raise lots of money for the charity.

On the face of it this may seem nothing of a challenge because I have ridden and owned horses most of my life - but as I have become older, my confidence has taken quite a lot of knocks.

I can honestly say hand on heart that this is a massive mountain to climb. 
I am totally committed to the challenge and will do my upmost to achieve my goal. I am currently having all the lessons I can to get me up to scratch and build my confidence again.

My fitness levels are not what they used to be so regular sessions on the treadmill are a must, along with my constant battle to lose the excess weight (a stone and a half has gone so far).

Fingers crossed for a positive outcome!"

She's already raised a huge £845, and intends to raise a lot more before next Autumn.

Good luck Joanne and break a leg (please don't take that literally!).

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Joanne practicing her riding

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