J C Warburton put themselves into somebody else's shoes - literally!

'Burny' was the man of the moment

We recently received the following email from a colleague at our J C Warburton funeral home in Todmorden,  regarding another colleague - Andrew Burn, AKA 'Burny'...

...this is well and truly the definition of 'being co-op'!

"Last week our funeral home conducted a funeral in front of a large number of people at the local Parish Church in Todmorden. The family carried the coffin into church and all was going well until one of the bearer's shoes started to come apart.

The sole was flapping about which amused the other family bearers, but was a trip waiting to happen.

The Funeral Director, Peter Kelly, stopped the carry and asked the family member what size shoe he took - "size 9". Andrew Burn (Burny) immediately took off his shoes and swapped them with the bearer. No one in the congregation was any the wiser until the vicar mentioned it to much hilarity!

Burny spent the rest of the day in a pair of over sized borrowed shoes, as he lent his to the family member to go to the wake in. Now that is really going the extra mile!"

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