International Women's Day 2019

Balance For Better

International Women's Day 2019 is all about balance and how we can all help to create balance between men and women for a better world. We're proud to have a gender balanced workforce at Co-op Funeralcare. In an industry that has been traditionally dominated by men, we have women in all roles at all levels, making up 52% of our colleagues.

We have some amazing all-female teams up and down the country and they have been explaining why Balance for Better is important to them.

Devon Clegg, Funeral Director at Leeds, spoke about her experience working with her female colleagues:

"I started my journey with the Coop thanks to Katie Hoyland, a fantastic member of management who is living proof of how a woman can progress in this industry. I was supported and encouraged by my previous manager Denise Melhuish who drove me forwards and helped to shape me into a Funeral Director in such a short space of time. What an amazing example of a strong minded, self driven and proactive woman. Which leads me to today, I am so full of pride to stand alongside these wonderful women and make a final journey one to remember."

Michelle Monaghan from our Marketing Team is a strong believer in the importance of achieving balance, she commented:

"The funeral industry in general is going through a huge change, and whereas funeral directors used to be predominantly men, we are now seeing many more women in these roles. What is traditionally a 'male role' is actually a very caring role - dealing with families at their most vulnerable - a lot of women are really well equipped and find that demand very attractive in a role. I'm a huge advocate for female funeral directors." 

Throughout the week we've been making pledges to say how we can help achieve balance for better:

And our Leadership Team have also been thinking about what Balance for Better means to them.

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PR Assistant