Hounslow tackle loneliness with a local family

they went above and beyond with the support they gave

Tackling loneliness with the British Red Cross

Each and every day we're extraordinarily proud hearing instances of how our colleagues are embracing our Charity Partnership, tackling loneliness with the British Red Cross.

Every story being shared as special and inspiring as the next, and every colleague as thoughtful and humble as the one before.

Our most recent story comes from Dee Handbury, Funeral Arranger from our Hounslow funeral home.

Dee has had her share of heartbreak - after losing her dad 27 years ago and her mum 18 months ago, she suffered terribly from both losses. The tough times led her to go to counselling sessions, and fortunately the pain she'd felt was eased with the help received.

When Dee recently met a family whose loved one had died, it was obvious that his wife was suffering - she wasn't able to get on with life, even to the point of being able to walk down the street. Dee truly felt the pain of her loss as the feelings of losing her mum came back to her.

She wanted and needed to help.

Without hesitation she gave her personal number and said she should be contacted out of hours if her support was needed, as she knew that times were likely to be low.

She called her client a few days later and began to explain some of the coping techniques her counsellor had taught her. The wife was encouraged by the fact that although Dee suffers from depression, she has a full time job and is able to help others.

The counselling sessions continued with Dee being invited round for dinner where they talked naturally about their feelings, as well going on walks where Dee taught her about breathing techniques and anxiety strategies by starting to do things on a very gradual basis.

Dee still communicates with the family once a week and is pleased to learn she's feeling much better and achieving so much.

This is such a beautiful example of a colleague not only going above and beyond in her line of work, but using her personal experiences and sadness to help ease the pain of others.

A huge well done Dee - you are an inspiration.


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