Helping children cope with bereavement

through our Amy & Tom books and series of short films

Doing what we do, we recognise that everybody deals with bereavement differently, and that people pull themselves through the dark times in their own unique way.

But what about when a child loses somebody close to them?

How’s a child expected to deal with the death of a parent, grandparent or another loved one?

The aftercare we offer following the loss of a loved one is taken extremely seriously and we’ve invested a lot of time and commitment into making sure that children receive the same level of care and support.

In 2010, in partnership with Sudden (an initiative by the charity ‘Brake’) our Amy and Tom books were launched.

The idea is that adults and children read through the book together, which helps the child understand the unusual feelings they’re experiencing, while giving suggestions on how to cope.

Just last week the books were updated with even more helpful content, to help even more children.

We’re proud to have given away around 39,000 copies of the books since they were first launched – that’s 39,000 children’s lives we’ve made a difference to which is an incredible feeling.

Not only that, but last year we also launched the ‘Our year since’ DVDs which features ‘Gemma’.

Each cartoon is specific to a different family member a child might have lost, to help them deal with their grief.

These are a fantastic addition to our bereavement support and we’ve already given away 5,000 of these, through our teams visiting local schools and other community groups.

If you know a child that needs a helping hand from Amy and Tom, or Gemma, visit your local Co-op funeral home, where the team will be happy to provide you with the help that’s needed.

You can also take a look at the ‘Our Year Since’ films here.

Amy & Tom

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