Donating wood to Castlemilk's community church project

it's helping the community and lonely people too

Many of us misjudge what loneliness really means, and how many different shapes, forms and sizes tackling loneliness can come in.

It can be anything from stopping off at a bereaved person’s house to chat and watch a film with, to organising a charity event and asking somebody to come along to help (both of these are things that our own colleagues have proudly done/do on a regular basis).

You don’t have to fit a certain criteria to be lonely – it’s something that can happen to anybody!

We were bowled over by the latest project that we heard that was going on in Castlemilk, combining community magic and tackling loneliness all in one.

Castlemilk Parish Church have recently launched their community woodwork project – an initiative where local people donate old wood, and others who want to get involved learn traditional valuable carpentry skills, creating lovely new furnishings and fittings for the church.

The idea is that people who’ve been out of work for a while might join in to keep themselves busy if they’re struggling being out of work, and others who might appreciate being around some company can go along to make new friends, while learning new skills.

Michael McCready, Funeral Director from our Castlemilk funeral home (pictured left), really wanted to get involved in supporting this unique enterprise and straight away got onto the team at our Glasgow Coffin Factory for their help too.

So now, after the Coffin Factory team have finished one of their beautiful coffin creations, the cut off pieces of wood are being saved up and sent to the project to use.

Not only does this project tie in perfectly with our focus on community significance, but it also reiterates the very backbone of our Charity Partnership - tackling loneliness. 

We think this is brilliant and feel honoured to be able to contribute.

Well done to the team in Castlemilk for making the donation arrangements, the team at the Coffin Factory for their support, and we wish all those involved in the project a lot of luck for their upcoming up-cycling venture.

Michael making his donation

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