Dementia-friendly folk

Ruth Leah supporting those with dementia in Todmorden

Most of us can probably say that we’ve been affected by Dementia in some way. We’ve been doing what we can to help people with dementia with our Memory Boxes, but one of our colleagues that has taken a step further is Ruth Leah from Warburtons Funeralcare in Todmorden.

Ruth is doing some great work supporting people with Dementia in her community. She’s a member of Dementia Friendly Todmorden, a group that runs monthly cafe's, concerts and other events where support and advice is offered to people living with dementia.


The café, called Daisys’ Café, is a wonderful display of community spirit as volunteers bake cakes, local singing groups perform, and people get together to support those who need it. Through raising money at the Café they are not only able to offer advice, but practical support with Dementia Aids like special bowls, spoons and clocks etc that are donated to people and families in need.

Ruth has also been helping to distribute twiddle muffs to local care homes. Twiddle muffs are knitted bands with interesting items attached to them such as textured ribbons and beads. Dementia sufferers often have restless hands, and having something like this to keep their hands busy is a great way to stimulate their minds and even reduce agitation. Donations of twiddle muffs are always welcome, so if you fancy having a go, patterns can be found easily online.

Dementia-friendly communities are in existence all across the country – find out how you can get your community involved here.

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