Dalmuir funeral arranger cleans up Memorial Stone

in support of the Clydebank Blitz's 75th anniversary

If you rewind 75 years, Clydebank in Scotland was a very different place to how it sits today.

On March 13th and 14th 1941, the town was victim to two devastating air raids which resulted in heartbreaking consequences. 

528 people died, 617 people were seriously injured, and out of around 12,000 houses, a mere 7 remained undamaged. This resulted in over 35,000 people being left homeless.

Local lad Steven Murray, Funeral Arranger from our Dalmuir funeral home (pictured below), is no stranger to the town's history, thanks to his mum and dad's heartfelt stories of the tragedy that the community endured.

So on the 75th anniversary of the Clydebank Blitz, Steven decided that he wanted to do something to commemorate the lives that had been taken.

After confirmation that a service was being conducted by the local minister and priest beside the erected Memorial Stone from years ago, Steven was keen to make sure that everything was perfect and went to work on organising for the stone to be cleaned.

It was looking and tired and worn, and it was only right that the people who had tragically lost their lives 75 years ago were commemorated with a beautiful and unspoilt memorial.

He began by gaining permission from the local council to have the stone cleaned and re-pointed, to which they were fully supportive and spent the following weeks making sure that everything was running smoothly in time for the big event.

The Memorial Service had an impressive turn-out, with local MPs paying their respects on the day, with many people keen to congratulate Steven on his fantastic achievement of refurbishing the stone.

Steven and his family hit the news and local papers because of their commitment to the special day, so that everybody could see exactly how they'd contributed to making it a success.

This really is an amazing thing to have done and we're incredibly proud to have Steven as part of our business.

The Memorial Stone is pictured below, before and during it's big clean - we can't believe the difference!

Steven Murray alongside the pre-refurbished stone

The stone mid-refurbishment

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