Conner's big wax!

in aid of Stand Up To Cancer

A man is never safe surrounded by a pack of wolves (women!), and Conner Dakin from our Manchester Client Service team learnt this the hard way.

A few weeks ago, the ladies from his team were teasing him (playfully of course), about his hairy beard. 

The conversation went on and before he knew it he’d signed himself up to having his legs, back and chest waxed, and his beard shaved completely offfor the first time in 3 years – all in aid of the Stand Up To Cancer fundraising.

So along the day came this week…his team painted their faces in support, got his chair, shaving and waxing tools ready outside in the freezing cold and began to work their magic.

1 hour and 15 minutes later, after 120 waxing strips, 9 razors and A LOT of pain, Connor was as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

The pain was written all over his face, and a one point he even had some material in his mouth to bite down on – it was either that or Sky and Charlotte’s hands who were causing the pain!

He was a brilliant sport and he really wanted to raise as much money as possible for a charity that helps so many people. 

Most of the team, including Conner have known somebody affected by cancer, and sadly even lost some people to it, so they all felt strongly about making sure the charity got something from them.

Sky spoke of the waxing ordeal: “Myself and Conner are really good friends both in and outside of work, so it brought me great joy to inflict pain on him and all for a great cause!

Plus, he takes the mickey out of me all day, every day, so a video of the tears running down his face will be used against him for many a time to come.”

While Conner told us: “I felt so nervous. I’ve never been waxed before and the girls didn’t entrust must faith as they wanted to scare me. 

I feel proud, but in pain too! I’m glad I did it as it’s all for a good cause, but I definitely won’t be doing it again any time soon. 

I’m so happy that people took the time to donate and also come and watch.”

We don’t yet have the grand total raised as donations are still coming in, but there was a lot of support, so we’re expecting great things.

Well done Conner – we hope that you’re enjoying your new look, knowing how many lives you’ll change with the money that you’ve raised.

Conner during his ordeal

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