Co-op Funeralcare Mixed Test Match results 2016

all the results from the 2 day event

Bowls is our favourite sport, and after an exciting few days at Waterloo Bowls in Blackpool in September - we've now moved onto the Mixed Test Match in Bristol.

It was a fabulous 2 days of competition between England and Wales, where they bowled through the triples, pairs and singles...

...but it was Wales came out on top as the champions!

Take a look at the results below, and click here to find out the full broadcast schedule of the upcoming men's and ladies England vs Scotland games coming up.

Julie Leake, Mathew Orrey & Graham Smith (England) 2
Amy Williams, Emma Woodcock & Ross Owen (Wales) 1

Pauline Price, Mark Harding & David Harding (Wales) 2
Laura Holden, Michelle Barlow, Perry Martin (England) 0


Amy Williams & Ross Owen (Wales) 2
Julie Leake & Graham Smith (England) 1

Michelle Barlow & Mathew Orrey (England) 2
Emma Woodcock & Mark Harding (Wales) 0

Pauline Price & David Harding (Wales) 2
Laura Holden & Perry Martin (England) 1

Emma Woodcock (Wales) beat Julie Leake (England) 2-1

David Harding (Wales) beat Mathew Orrey (England) 2-1

Mark Harding (Wales) beat Laura Holden (England) 2-1

Graham Smith (England) beat Ross Owen (Wales) 2-1

Perry Martin (England) beat Pauline Price (Wales) 2-0

Amy Williams (Wales) beat Michelle Barlow (England) 2-1

Well done Wales!

The Welsh winners

The England team

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