Co-op Funeralcare Men's test matches - day 1

the Scots are taking the lead at the end of day 1

Last week, England's women let a big lead almost evaporate, but were delighted to beat their Scottish rivals, 6-5, and everyone was looking forward to watching some of the world's top men in action today.

All twelve competitors have proved themselves in international competition, but how did today pan out...?

Check out the scores below:


Mervyn King, Rob Paxton, Nick Brett (Eng) lost to Ronnie Duncan, Scott Kennedy, Colin Walker (Scot) 6-1,4-7, 0-1

Mark Dawes, Jamie Walker, Jamie Chestney (Eng) lost to Stewart Anderson, Paul Foster, Alex Marshall (Scot) 3-7, 3-7


Mark Dawes & Jamie Chestney (Eng) lost to Paul Foster & Alex Marshall (Scot) 6-7, 7-5, 0-1

Rob Paxton & Nick Brett (Eng) beat Ronnie Duncan & Colin Walker (Scot) 8-3, 3-7, 1-0

Mervyn King & Jamie Walker (Eng) beat Scott Kennedy & Stewart Anderson (Sco) 6-4, 7-1



Note: Scotland have to win three of the six matches to take the title and England have to win four:

 Rob Paxton v Stewart Anderson

Nick Brett v Alex Marshall

Jamie Chestney v Ronnie Duncan

Mark Dawes v Paul Foster

Jamie Walker v Colin Walker

Mervyn King v Scott Kennedy

The Men's Bowls test match

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