Co-op Funeralcare Ladies Test Matches

the England ladies have raised the bar ready for tomorrow

There's always a special atmosphere when England take on Scotland at bowls - or, probably, at any sport! 

This was most definitely the case with the Ladies Test Matches today.

Triples was the name of the game in the first two sessions, and there was very little to choose between the teams. England and Scotland won one a piece, before the players regrouped to compete in the pairs after lunch.

England dominated the pairs, winning all three matches, and need to win only two of tomorrow's singles encounters to be crowned the winners.

Take a look at the scores below:


Amy Stanton, Sandy Hazell, Wendy King (Eng) lost to Claire Walker, Margaret Letham, Caroline Brown (Scot) 9-8, 7-6, 0-1

Bex Field, Annie Dunham, Ellen Falkner (Eng) beatt Leanne Furye, Lorna Cameron, Claire Johnston (Scot) 8-6, 6-6


Field and Falkner (Eng) beatt Walker and Letham (Scot) 7-2, 9-1

Stanton and Dunham (Eng) bt Cameron & Johnston (Scot) 7-1, 7-2

Hazell and King (Eng) bt Furye & Brown (Scot) 8-7, 4-5, 1-0

Tomorrow's matches will be:

Field v Johnston

Dunham v Furye

Stanton v Letham

King v Walker

Hazell v Cameron

Falkner v Brown

Ladies test match

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