Charity car wash in Forfar

colleagues made the local cars squeaky clean

We've all been there...the car's find yourself apologising profusely to anybody that comes within a mile radius of it,  before hiding empty food wrappers in the glove compartment, and you keep telling yourself "the car WILL get cleaned this weekend". 

On Saturday 19th March colleagues from our Alexander Bain funeral home in Forfar, Scotland, gave the local community a helping hand with their dirty vehicles by organising a charity car wash.

In their own time, various members of the team washed 30 vehicles in 3 hours! Living in the middle of a farming community some of the vehicles were quite a challenge, but the owner's generosity more than made up for it.

Altogether the event raised an impressive £217 which will go to our Charity Partnership - tackling loneliness with the British Red Cross.

A great idea for a great cause, with the added bonus of lots of squeaky clean cars taking to the streets of Forfar.

Well done to everybody involved!

Forfar charity car wash


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