Canine companions helping to tackle loneliness

our North staffs team organised a charity dog walk

Dogs are known as a man’s best friend…which was certainly the case on a recent community activity that our North Staffs team organised.

Tackling loneliness is our Co-op Group mission, and thinking of new clever and wonderful ways to do this is our challenge.

Our North Staffs Care Centre Manager Hayley Richmond and her team fully embraced this challenge, by arranging a charity dog walk for the local people and their canine companions.

They created posters and spread the word through social media, and before she knew it had 15 people and 10 pooches accompanying her on the (unexpected!) dry and fresh winter’s day.

The group were firm friends in no time as they walked around the park chatting and getting to know each other (with Santa hats firmly on their heads to get into the Christmas spirit of course), while the dogs ran riot.

There was one cheeky little sprocker who took a swim in some very dirty water and had to be washed in the river, and a diva-style schnauzer who refused to cross the stream and had to be carried across by his owner.

Overall it was a great success with £50 raised for the British Red Cross, giving the team further ammunition to keep the dog walking going more regularly.

And most importantly it identified a positive way to help tackle loneliness. Dogs make wonderful companions for people who are on their own and give people a reason to get out of the house.

One lovely lady came along whose mum had recently died. She was very fond of the Red Cross as her mum came to the UK as a refugee when she was a child, and they helped her to find a home and education.

It was so humbling for the team to hear her story and know they had done a little something to make her day that bit brighter at such a difficult time.

Well done to you all!

The charity dog walk

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