Animal magic as nursing home residents take part in animal therapy

our Tonbridge funeral home arranged the experience

It's amazing what methods of therapy are used in this day in age, and we think most would agree that even in every day life, cosying up to a cuddly creature is a calming and comforting experience.

When we learnt that Lisa Martin, Funeral Arranger from our Tonbridge funeral home in Kent organised for local nursing home residents to take part in 'animal therapy', we were desperate to find out more...

Lisa knew that her local nursing home, Hale Place, specialised in people with dementia and with this in mind decided that she wanted to do something enjoyable for the residents.

After doing some research, she discovered that despite the progressive nature of this terrible illness, animal petting is hugely therapeutic for everyone, and thinking outside the box managed to find 'Amazing Animal Encounters' - a company that specialise in animal assisted therapy for adults and children.

Before they knew it the residents of Hale Place were being treated to a visit from the team at Tonbridge with homemade cakes for everybody to enjoy, along with Amazing Animal Encounters and their fuzzy (and scaly!) friends.

Bobby the lamb, a skunk, a chinchilla, a tortoise and others made an appearance and befriended the residents - much to their and the nursing home manager's delight!

The team were full of pride watching the residents come to life as they interacted with the various animals, and the animals seemed to lap up the attention with the Skunk taking a particular shine to one of the residents, snuggling up and sleeping in her lap.

Well done Lisa and the rest of the team.

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Animal Encounters

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