An educational day out for Skipton's SELFA group

colleagues arranged a day out to the Yorkshire Dales

It's in our ethics and our nature to make good things happen in our local communities, and we take great comfort knowing that we've done something great to put a smile on people's faces.

Colleagues from our funeral homes in the Skipton area recently brought smiles to many local faces by arranging a day trip for SELFA - a charity that helps disabled and disadvantaged children and young people. 

Funeral Director, Anne Hodgkiss and Funeral Service Operatives, Curt Rawnsley, Shaun Roberts and Ben Wilson wanted to arrange a day blended with fun and education to exercise the group's imaginations, and so provided a mini bus and took them to the Malham Tarn National Trust Centre in the Yorkshire Dales.

They'd picked a great day as the sunshine was glorious, and it kicked off with an exciting start, as the kids were asked to put their "Bear Grylls' thinking caps" on by creating a survival den! They did a fabulous job and followed on with a game of hide and seek, before being treated to some pancakes and popcorn prepared on an open fire by Tony, a member of the National Trust.

The afternoon took a interesting turn as they took part in dissecting owl pellets (indigestible parts that are coughed up through the beak). After much 'eeeeuughing' and “is it really owl sick!?” they settled down to a bit of poking around. They were absolutely fascinated as they found various leg and shoulder bones, and even skulls from their prey!

The day was so much fun and was something completely different, making it a truly memorable day.

They all enjoyed it so much, that after a heartfelt thank you from Karen Roberts of SELFA, the same group arranged a follow up trip in summer to get imaginations running wild yet again.

We look forward to hearing all about their next adventure!

The SELFA crew along with our colleagues

Making their dens

Enjoying the open fire

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