Adele's visit to the Prime Minister

to celebrate Jo Cox's legacy

Our very own Adele Jones from Swansea was invited to No. 10 Downing Street on Wednesday 17 January 2018. The reception was hosted by the Prime Minister, to celebrate Jo Cox's legacy in highlighting how many people are experiencing social isolation and loneliness.

Adele is one of our Admin Excellence Managers living in the Swansea area. She has set up three local social groups for bereaved people and was invited to meet the PM for her role in tackling loneliness in the community. 

Adele shared how fantastic the experience was and said "It was great to chat with so many people who are working in their way to achieving all the things we are trying to do with our Bereavement Groups. I am sure that between us all we can make a difference to the lives of so many people, and that's what makes it all worthwhile. 

It brought a smile to my face at how delighted the members of our Honeysuckle Club were when they heard that their group had been discussed in Downing Street with the Prime Minister."

As a Funeralcare business, we support people who are dealing with grief every day. It's what we do naturally, looking after bereaved families, the Co-op way.

Our Bereavement groups give people an opportunity to meet and make new friends with those who are also experiencing grief. We often hear people telling us how Bereavement groups are about friendship more than anything and how they play an essential part in the communities they serve.

We're incredibly proud of Adele, and all of our other colleagues who are already running these clubs to support those in need.

If you're interested in joining a bereavement group in your area, speak with your local funeral home to see what's available, or click here for more information on bereavement support.

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