"Act of Random Kindness" advent calendar

the idea was sparked by Clare from our Goole funeral home

As much as we LOVE our chocolate advent calendars, we can’t help but think that it’s probably our bellies getting the most satisfaction from the countdown to Christmas.

But what if we told you about advent calendars with a difference, which really bring home the true meaning of Christmas?

Some of you may have already seen our Co-op Group wide initiative - #ReverseAdvent (check out the hashtag on Twitter!), where we’ve encouraged people to pop an item in a box on each day of advent, and on Christmas Eve, or when the box is full, donate it to someone in need.

We’ve also heard this week about another thought-provoking advent calendar – created by Clare White, Funeral Arranger from our Goole funeral home in East Yorkshire.

She’d been racking her brains for a meaningful festive idea for their funeral home window display, to attract passer-by’s attention…and suddenly had a ‘light-bulb’ moment!

She decided to create an advent calendar featuring a suggested "random act of kindness" until 24th December, that people walking past could see and carry out (as well as herself and the rest of the team too of course). 

With ideas such as “give a random stranger a genuine compliment” and “give someone a call/visit that you've been meaning to be in touch with all year”, we think this is a glorious idea that encourages good-will and compassion – and gets us all thinking about ways to uplift others around us.

It’s only day 2 and already Clare has had smiles, waves and thumbs up from strangers in traffic outside, and she’s even had a call from a local gentleman who enthusiastically told her about a random act of kindness he experienced yesterday.

This beats a chocolate advent calendar any day of the week, a huge well done Claire!

Act of random kindness advent calendar

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