A Mrs Brown's Boys Farewell

For the show's biggest fan

Before everything else, the most important thing to us is creating a special, personal tribute to a unique life.

When Linda’s family came to our John Johnson funeral home in Tunstall they wanted more than anything for the funeral to reflect her amazing sense of humour and in particular, her love of the comedy Mrs Brown’s Boys. They talked over what they could do to make her day special and decided to theme the whole funeral around the program as Linda was the biggest fan.

T-shirts were printed and badges made, and there was a fantastic flower arrangement with the well-known saying of Mrs Brown: “That’s nice,” a saying that was often joked about in the family.

The whole family were overwhelmed with the team’s efforts, saying that although the day was sad, it will be a lasting memory of a very special lady, and every time they hear the catchphrase “That’s nice” it will make them smile.

The team in Tunstall doing what they do best, and proving that it’s sometimes the small things that make the biggest difference. 

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