A leopard themed unique tribute

for the funeral of a young lady who died of cystic fibrosis

Imagine the feeling of being told that you haven't got long left to live.

Saying goodbye to the ones you love, the hope that your final wishes are fulfilled, and having peace of mind that your last goodbye is a deserving personal tribute to your life, becomes everything.

This is the sad situation that a young lady who we recently arranged the funeral for found herself in.

Amy Eades (pictured below) was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was just a few weeks old. She and her mum always knew that her life was precious and that the dreadful disease would eventually get the better of her.

Amy was recently admitted to hospital at the age of just 21, and was told she had just 3 weeks to live.

This gave the 'happy-go-lucky' youngster the ammunition to plan her own goodbye - a leopard themed funeral to suit her fun personality and unique style.

Together with her mum she arranged a leopard print coffin and requested that everybody turned up in a leopard print item of clothing.

Her lavish wish was her mum's command and when the day came, it became a fitting celebration of her life.

Not only was there a leopard print coffin and clothing, there were balloons released into the sky in her memory, smiles, and lots and lots of love.

The family were keen to show the world what a special person she was and to let everybody see what an amazing day they'd organised for her.

Reflecting over the weeks before her death, her mum said: "Not a lot of mums get to have those chats with their daughters and I'm glad I did."

We were honoured to be part of such a special day for a young lady who was so clearly treasured.

Amy Eades

Leopard balloon release

A mourner at the funeral

Leopard coffin

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