A fitting tribute for mechanic's funeral

arranged by R J Bartram & Son in Wymondham

We quite often hear from our wonderful people, that they see their work "not as a job, but as a vocation". This becomes more evident each and every day.

When we hear stories of how our teams put their heart and soul into making final journey's personalised and special, we never fail to feel that 'lump in throat' feeling.

Our most recent unique tribute comes from our R J Bartram & Son funeral home in Wymondham, who arranged the funeral of Graham Roberts - a well-known and respected local mechanic who worked for breakdown, Land Rover and truck garages in the area.

Graham sadly died from cancer at just 51 years old, and it was important to the family that his passion and flair was reflected for all to admire at his funeral.

Together the team and his family created the most beautiful spectacle.

His coffin was personalised with his own spanners which were screwed onto the wooden handles, and the coffin was placed onto a breakdown truck with huge pictures of him printed onto it.

He had a cortege of flowers, Land Rovers, 4x4s and a large lorry, that took a memorable journey past 3 of the garages he worked at. His fellow colleagues greeted him with a huge round of applause as they drove past, and the vehicles most definitely made a lot of heads turn.

We're amazed by this and think it's a truly remarkable tribute, to somebody who sounds like a very special and well-loved man.

Graham's unique tribute

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