A brilliant fundraising event for Bikeability Wales

our Tucker Killay team donated £270

With our recent Olympic GB success - and specific to this story, Paralympic GB success, we want to take a moment to reflect on exactly what we achieved as a nation in Rio 2016…

In our Paralympic games alone we had 264 athletes, competing in 19 sports, who victoriously won a record-breaking 147 medals!

The commitment, stamina, dedication, determination (the list is endless!) that radiates from these athletes makes us spectate in awe, but let’s think for a second about the people hiding behind the noise that help make their triumphs happen too…

…like the people behind the ‘Bikeability Wales’ charity.

Bikeability Wales are a charity who provide a variety of specialist cycles to people with disabilities.

Each bike is specifically designed, allowing people with physical restrictions to experience the freedom of physical activity, in a safe and sociable environment.

They make the impossible possible, and offer incredible things for those who might have given up hope.

But sadly, they recently got one of their precious bikes stolen.

It was disheartening but they weren’t going to let the thieves win. Instead they set up a fun day to raise the cash needed to replace the specially adapted bike, for disabled children who can’t walk.

Our local team at our Tucker Killay funeral home (pictured) think the work they do is incredible (as do we!), and didn’t need any convincing in donating money towards getting the new bike.

They generously donated £270, which made up a healthy chunk of the £1200 funds that were raised on the day.

So in our moment of GB Paralympic glory, let’s not forget the people behind the magic, who help to get our superstar athletes to where they want to be.

Keep doing what you do Bikeability Wales, we think you’re brilliant and are so pleased you can get your new bike, and of course a big well done to our Tucker Killay colleagues for their kind contribution.

Our team presenting the cheque

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