Who’s paying for your funeral?

Are all of the costs covered?

Research shows that 37% of us haven’t thought about how our funeral will be paid (YouGov, funeral planning 2017). That low figure’s not surprising – considering the cost of our own funeral isn’t something many of us would want to spend time thinking about, but is it fair to leave it to your loved ones to have to deal with at a time of great distress?

Will there actually be enough money in your estate to pay for all the costs?  Will those left behind be able to access the funds when they need to? And will they know how to deal with all the responsibilities that come with looking after your affairs?

As you may know, the Co-op has a Legal Services arm. Our Funeral Directors will be able to point your loved ones in the right direction and give them some useful literature about their administrative and legal responsibilities to read when they’re ready, if they’d like us to help.

When it comes to making financial arrangements for funerals, some people do put provisions in place and choose an Over 50s policy to cover their funeral expenses. That’s great, but it’s worth understanding that an Over 50s life cover is an insurance policy that pays out a sum on death which can be used towards your funeral costs. But it may not cover your funeral costs in full – that depends on the value of your policy, and that value may be eroded over time with inflation.

A Co-op Funeralcare Pre-paid Funeral Plan is guaranteed to pay for the services included in your Funeral Plan and is fixed at today’s prices no matter how much prices rise in the future. In fact, ours are the only plans that guarantee to pay for all your funeral costs, regardless of whether you choose burial or cremation.*

Not every Funeral Plan provider will guarantee to cover disbursements (third party costs) and some will only pay a contribution towards them. We don’t agree with this, which is why our Funeral Plans truly are ‘fully guaranteed’ to cover these costs.

It makes sense to plan and pay for your funeral in advance with a fully guaranteed Co-op Funeral Plan so your loved ones won’t be asked to pay a penny more for the services included in your chosen Co-op Funeral Plan. We’re here to help and support you every step of the way.

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*As prices and availability vary across the UK, Co-op burial plans don’t include the cost of buying a grave.

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