There’s no such thing as a one size fits all funeral

It's your choice to be traditional or not

You don’t need to follow a traditional format when it comes to arranging or planning a funeral.

Traditionally, a funeral is a ceremony held in a formal setting, where friends and family of the deceased arrive in dark, formal dress, to pay their respects and say their final farewells to a loved one, before a social gathering known as a wake takes place.

Traditional funerals are still prevalent in UK society with three quarters (75 per cent*) of adults having never attended a service falling outside of this. Interestingly however, half (51 per cent) of adults didn’t realise that a funeral could take place outside of a religious setting and two fifths (38 per cent) didn’t know that you could personalise every aspect of a funeral.


Almost all elements of a funeral service can be tailored according to the wishes of the deceased or their loved ones, to reflect interests, hobbies or occupation and can include:

• Music – Recorded or live, favourite songs or hymns, whatever reflects your personality or means a lot to you.
• Hearse – An alternative hearse that says something about you as a person. We’ve recently provided a motorcycle, a tandem, a tractor and a Land Rover hearse.
• Funeral attire – Colours or traditional black? You might prefer that mourners wear something significant to you, like a particular colour, flower or sports kit.
• Themed funerals – You might want to incorporate unique tributes from the world of film or TV for example.
• Type of coffin – Would you prefer wicker, wool, cardboard or a picture coffin instead of traditional? 
• Technology – It’s usually possible to show video content at a funeral and some crematoria now also offer online streaming services for those who can’t attend in person so more of those who are important to you can be part of your funeral.
• Location – Many people don’t realise it’s possible to have a funeral outside of a religious setting.  It could be held at a house, in a garden, at a sports venue or even at sea. At Co-op Funeralcare we arrange funerals tailored to your specific wishes, exactly the way you want.


*Research was conducted by ICM in July 2015 amongst over 2000 UK adults aged 18 and above, across all regions in the UK.

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