Have you talked about it?

Two thirds of people have thought about the kind of funeral they may like, but only four in 10 of them have actually spoken to friends or relatives about it.

We know it's not easy talking about funerals, especially when it's about what you want for your own funeral or asking a family member what they'd like for theirs. Even though it might feel difficult or awkward, the most important thing is that you start the conversation. It's natural to want to put it off, but you might find it a relief once you've started talking about it.



If you don't have the conversation, how will they know what you want?

Knowing your wishes makes things easier for those arranging the funeral. Talk to them about the flowers you love, the music you'd like playing on the day or anything else that's special to you. It'll help prevent family arguments about important and personal decisions, which no one wants at such a stressful and sad time.

Talking about it means they'll make sure you get a fitting tribute on the day.

Take a look at our top tips to start the conversation.

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