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There’s been a growing interest recently in the Funeral Plan Industry and whether buying a pre-paid plan actually gives you the peace of mind or even the funeral you think you’re paying for. The industry is, as yet, unregulated and so families could be at risk from unscrupulous companies selling plans that don’t measure up to expectations.

A major concern is regarding how some funeral plan companies sell their plans, adding what they call "marketing fees" to costs, and not being clear on whether or not there would be a shortfall for families to pay.

So how do we measure up to these concerns?


100% Guaranteed

Co-op funeral plans are 100% guaranteed to cover the cost of your chosen funeral plan.* This means that when you buy a plan from us, ALL the costs in that plan are covered. Other funeral plan companies don't guarantee things like third party costs - these are things like cremation/burial fees, doctors’ fees, minister fees - anything an undertaker needs to pay to someone else for your funeral to take place. Some companies build in a "contribution" to third party fees, meaning that if these fees have increased by the time you die, your family will need to pay the difference.

We're also completely transparent about what's included in our plans and what's not. We have set plans where we've put together different options that may work for you, or you can visit our own funeral homes and have a bespoke plan put together - including anything from floral tributes to horse drawn hearses.

With most other funeral plans, the money you put in gets divided between the Funeral Director and the funeral plan provider that runs the scheme. This is not the case for us as we are the Funeral Director and the funeral plan provider, so your money is for your funeral alone.


No Shortfalls

When someone takes out a funeral plan, there is an expectation, a feeling that you're doing the right thing for your family by taking the cost of your funeral away from them. Sadly, for people paying into some plans, if they die before they finish paying their instalments, their family will have to cover the difference.

One of the great things about our funeral plans is that if you pay over instalments between 2 & 25 years, you are covered by our unique Co-op Commitment. This means if you die before you finish paying for your plan, but have been paying in for at least a year, we will still provide the services in your plan with nothing more for your family to pay.** 



We're proud to say that we're different and Co-op funeral plans have no hidden fees or shortfalls. We are members of the FPA (Funeral Planning Authority) and are fully supportive of the need to regulate our industry to ensure that all funeral plan companies adhere to the high standards you deserve. 

Further proof of our excellent plans comes from star ratings from independent financial experts: Fairer Finance awarded our Silver and Gold plans with a 5 star rating, and Defaqto, after reviewing 100 funeral plans in the market, only awarded 7 plans with 5 stars - our Gold plan was one of them.


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*Our plans don’t include the cost of a burial plot

**Terms and conditions apply - find out more here.

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