Flowers or Donations?

What would you choose?

Flowers are still usually present at today’s funerals, commonly a spray or arrangement from the whole family or a personalised floral tribute, but increasingly mourners are choosing to make donations to a specific charity instead.

Personal floral tributes

Our funeral directors are increasingly being asked to provide more unusual tributes which are personalised and offer a unique insight into the ways people want to be remembered. 

Families are choosing floral tributes which help them remember a loved one’s interests or hobbies. It is not uncommon to see TV and film characters and games consoles created as a floral tributes. 

As funerals are becoming more of a celebration of life, than mourning a loss, people are increasingly choosing more unusual floral designs as a tribute.

Traditional floral tributes

More traditional floral wreaths or arrangements also remain popular, with roses and lilies being some of the most favourite flowers. Red roses are popular with white lilies and white carnations also firm favourites.

These flowers are often chosen because of their meaning, with red roses a sign of love and passion, white lilies represent purity and white carnations show innocence and purity.

Or donations?

Increasingly though, mourners are being asked or are choosing to make donations to a specific charity in place of floral tributes.

When this happens, the choice of charity often relates to the cause of death. Alternatively, one or more charities are selected which the deceased supported in life.

Often this doesn't mean that there won't be any flowers at the funeral, just that floral tributes will be limited to immediate family, while others are invited to make a donation.

If you are looking for help and inspiration selecting funeral flowers, the guides here will be able to help you.

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